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An apology…

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A view across a snow covered glacier to alpine peaks behind

Aah mountains. Look at the lovely mountains. Let them caress your eyeballs with their snowy glory.

I quickly brush the dust off Extra mural to say the following:

Any of you out there who actually read this thing, valuable as the product of a toddler beating a typewriter with wooden duck as it is, I am sorry for the complete absence of any postage of late.

I hope you will tollerate this when I tell you I have been quite busy. I have been scribbling furiously for Elements, the pre-eminent science-based website in the entire of the World Wide Web.

In fact Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of aforementioned Web, said he finally feels someone has put his creation to its proper use. When pressed he said he was talking about Elements. This is now believed to have been a bid for some intellectual credibility on his part. Having spoken to individuals intimate with the situation I can report he actually was referring to Lolcats. Read the rest of this entry »